An op-ed piece by Raymond Castro, a senior policy analyst with NJ Policy Perspective, explains why Governor Chris Christie should speak out against repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Christie’s “most important legacy as Governor” was taking advantage of the ACA to expand Medicaid to cover more than half a million low-income New Jerseyans, but that legacy would be lost with repeal.

Further, repeal would undermine the major behavioral-health and substance-use disorder initiative Christie announced at his State of the State address on January 13, which relies on Medicaid funding.

Castro called on Christie to join with other Republican governors such as John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Snyder of Michigan to press Congress to preserve health care for their constituents.

Castro was urging Christie to act last week while Congress was laying the ground work for repeal but it is not too late.

The question for Castro is whether Christie, during his final year in office, will “seek to protect essential health care for struggling residents of his home state, or will he sit on the sidelines while his party destroys a lifeline for millions of Americans?”

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