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Anyone who lives in New Jersey and believes in the Mission of PLANewark is invited to join. Please see our Membership Policy for more information.

Our Mission

PLANewark (Planning and Land-use Advocates for Newark)  is an unincorporated association that has been established as a project of NJA, though we have our own officers and set our own programmatic agenda. We are a coalition of proud individuals who live and work in Newark with a shared vision for a just city. We are fully committed to building a vibrant and reinvigorated Newark through equitable and sustainable environment, land-use, and transportation planning practices.

PLANewark works towards these goals in three main ways:

  • We provide technical assistance for community groups and citizens to meaningfully participate in Newark’s planning and zoning.
  • We advocate for a more democratic and transparent planning and development process
  • We educate residents and decision-makers about sound planning and land-use practices as well as the detriment to the public of poor urban planning

Our Board

Tyler Tourville
Chair, PLANewark
Intermediate Architect
Sergio Rodrigues
Vice Chair, PLANewark
Business Strategist
Innovative Solutions
Lisa M. Scorsolini, Esq.
Treasurer, PLANewark
Assistant Township Attorney
Township of Wayne


PLANewark is a group of architects, planners, and allied professionals, who have made Newark their home and who advocate for better urban development in Newark. We seek to enable all residents in Newark to participate in the local planning and develompent process. Members of PLANewark first coalesced against the development of a surface parking lot in the Ironbound area of Newark, but have been active in Newark planning for decades.



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