I was really happy to see last week that the New Jersey courts were taking concrete action to protect people from the harsh immigration policies of the Trump Administration.

Administrative Directive 07-19, released on May 23, states the view of the judiciary “that civil immigration enforcement activities should not take place in courthouses” and that “courthouses must be viewed by the public, all parties, victims, and witnesses as a neutral and safe forum to resolve disputes.” Continue reading NJ COURTS PROVIDE ICE SHIELD


I was not going to write about the recent revelation that undocumented immigrants are being detained in Essex County in conditions that are, quite literally, sickening. Since the release of a report on February 13 that described serious health and safety lapses at the Essex County Correctional Facility, there have already been many news stories and editorials that have discussed and condemned the conditions it uncovered. There would seem to be little left to say on the subject.  Continue reading FEDERAL REPORT SLAMS DETAINEE CONDITIONS AT ESSEX JAIL

ICE Courthouse Arrests Undermine Justice

A report released in the past week confirms that the Trump administration policy of arresting undocumented immigrants in and around courthouses is undermining our system of justice.

When federal immigration agents swoop in and arrest undocumented immigrants while they are present in or on their way to court, it doesn’t just hurt those they sweep up, detain and deport.

The report, by Make the Road New Jersey, an immigrant advocacy group based in Elizabeth, found that such arrests, which have risen sharply since Trump took office, have created a chilling effect that is keeping people away from courts and social services.

Continue reading ICE Courthouse Arrests Undermine Justice