Newark: a conversation on our city

A booklet for the public about the meaning of city planning by Maia Zhang

It is not often that I think about why the sky is blue or what causes the wind. Nor do I think about why the trash is picked up on Tuesdays, or what time the streets get cleaned. Often, the most important truths of our daily lives and routines are taken for granted. Perhaps asking simple questions can open a door for complex thought.

From afar, Newark is a chaotic symphony of bureaucracy, sirens and street corners. One cannot hope to make sense of this song without hearing each note. Thus, in an attempt to hear the music of Newark, I tried to ask questions about the everyday and overlooked. Hopefully these questions help you, as they have me, to consider what Newark means and how it can change for the better. If so, the second part of this booklet serves as a practical guide to citizen activism.

Click here to read booklet.

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