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Action Areas


Community & Environmental Health

Promoting Healthy and Safe Communities

Our current activities are:

Shipyard Litigation: enforcing developer’s commitment to establish open and recreational space as part of its planned unit development approval.


Election Process Reform

We’re joining forces with other groups working to protect fair access to the election system and to increase public participation in elections. Together, we advocate for enfranchisement of all voters and a more representative political process. (more…)


Government & Corporate Accountability

It’s particularly difficult for those adversely affected by government or corporate activities to organize to be heard. We work to persuade public authorities and private corporations to address the impact their actions have on communities and individuals. (more…)


Health Care Reform

New Jersey is in the midst of a health care crisis, with high numbers of uninsured and underinsured of all ages, and an alarming increase in the number of hospital closures, especially in urban areas. We work to protect and secure health care coverage and services for those groups that lack the economic or political resources to obtain them on their own. (more…)

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