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Introducing Mary Pat Gallagher

Welcome to “Eye on New Jersey Law and Public Policy,” hosted by New Jersey Appleseed. I am Mary Pat Gallagher, a recovering lawyer who spent more than 15 years covering New Jersey courts, laws and policy issues with the New Jersey Law Journal.

I wrote government transparency and accountability, with a focus on the court system, civil rights, employment--especially whistleblower and discrimination cases, and access to affordable housing, health care and education;

I remain keenly interested in those areas and will continue to follow them and others on this website, which I hope you will visit on a regular basis.

I plan to provide an in-depth look at issues that are not being addressed elsewhere or have received perhaps only cursory attention

I bring to the task the mind-set, training and experience of a former lawyer, whose practice encompassed employment law, public records law, intellectual property, products liability, bankruptcy and admiralty.

I welcome feedback about what appears here and suggestions for other issues and subjects worthy of attention. You can also follow me as Mary Pat Gallagher on Twitter though be sure you are following my new Appleseed account and not the old dormant one from the New Jersey Law Journal.

Please contact me at: MGallagher@NJAppleseed.org.


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